Not your typical cardio
Next Level is about hands on training, no machines that leave you staring off into space. You are different, so our gym is different too. 

Burn calories and improve your muscle tone with our Shape Up Sessions. Suitable for all levels of fitness these fast, fun, sessions focus on high intensity with proper technique to help you get the results you want.

Express ICE is a 15-25 minutes of Intensive Cardio Exercise. This will get your motor, and your metabolism, running! A high intensity circuit session is followed by functional flexibility exercises to improve mobility, core strength & relaxation.

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Shape Up is a High Intensity Interval Training set up in a series of simple exercises using weights, suspension trainers, ropes, kettle-bells and resistance bands among other equipment. It will be challenging and have a particularly strong emphasis on proper technique.

This class will burn calories and add muscle tone in very effective way.

8 – 10
45 minutes

Express ICE stands for express intense cardio exercise.

It’s basically shorter version of our Shape Up session. After warm-up you will go through 15-25 minutes of intense cardio circuit training followed by mobility, flexibility and relaxation. Our trainers use elements from yoga and pilates as well as various stretching methods to make you feel and move better.

8 – 10
60 minutes
Joey Hughes
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jessica gibson
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2 weeks unlimited cardio sessions
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