Get Strong, Stay Healthy
Our Strength Sessions are tailored to your fitness level.

Next Level Strength Sessions are designed to help you improve strength, power & functional movement. No matter your age or fitness level our fun and challenging classes will help you build muscle, change your body composition, and teach you the techniques required to prevent injuries.

Our team oriented programs are run with a maximum class size of only 8 clients so you can receive individual instruction from our dedicated coaches.

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Get stronger, improve muscle tone, appearance and performance.

Strength class is based on modern training methods. In this class we will look to improve your overall strength and fitness, increase lean muscle mass, burn calories, tone up and increase bone density. Not to mention make you look great!

Our body weight and free weight workouts are all functional movements focused on various aspects of muscular strength: general, maximal, hypertrophy (size), muscular endurance, speed and power (depending on your goals and needs).

This class will be beneficial for everyone who needs strong and functional body. In other words, everyone!

6 – 8
60 minutes
Joey Hughes
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jessica gibson
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$29 intro offer
2 weeks unlimited cardio sessions
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